My joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments – the whole kit & caboodle had gotten pretty bad. I was using a walker bc I couldn’t hold myself up & had to use a shower chair for the same reason. Then my rheumatologist put me on hydrochloriquine & omg am I glad that TFG didn’t run us out if supply bc it IS WORKING!

I’m still in a lot of this pain a lot of the time, but I barely even need to use my cane anymore, I just walk hella stiffly. and my rheumatologist, god bless him, made sure I knew it wouldn’t protect me from Covid but we laughed about how I was safe from malaria (bc although I love travel I’m afraid of most malarial places bc they have scary spiders. I’m a real little bitch about spiders. My mother once told me when I was a kid & she went through a white wine lady Ouija board & reincarnation phase, that I was probably killed my spiders in a previous life. Which was super helpful)

I’m not ready to commit yet bc I both don’t trust my body yet & I’m not 100% sure how much time I’ll have once school starts, but I think I’ll start looking for a senior dog to adopt once I’ve moved into my new elevator building. My cat will be pissed but she’s getting up there, I think she needs a companion that will piss her off enough to stay young.

I’ve also been able to start swimming laps again, which is bittersweet bc I used to be completely unbeatable with just legs, but I still enjoy hobbling into the pool (you should hear me scream getting out) in all my middle aged croneness & blowing everyone out of the water.

I’m not back in fighter shape yet, but I’m back up fighting.