I took my cat back to my soon to be ex’s house today, having her in my friends house, with her own cat & dog, I was just bonkers stressed about her being unhappy. And although it seems more & more like I married the greatest conman of all time, I know he loves animals & will take care of her.

When I got there, he immediately asked me, with a tone that made it clear he knew he was right (he wasn’t but I don’t actually blame him for that part), if I’d made a bunch of Amazon purchases, even though we’d discussed finances & that wasn’t included. I panicked thinking I probably pushed a wrong button somewhere & immediately checked my order history, but there was nothing there. Turns out it was actual fraud on his card.

That leads us to the next…chicken shit passive aggressive ridiculousness. When I got in the drivers seat of my car the day after this has happened, the first night I’d been gone & saw someone had egged my windshield. And although I accidentally left it unlocked, with hundred of dollars of coats & bags, nothing else was touched.

My car has multiple large cracks in the windshield, is covered in New England sure vreak parking permits & a fire fighter/EMT sticker from my small town thousands of miles away. Sadly, chicken shit angry egging is exactly his style. He pretends to be a tough guy, but based on a decade of observation & recent events like the several times he’s tried to imply (or once he just screamed “maybe I’m going to beat you!”) that he’d attack my physically. And each time I stood as close as I could to him & said “go for it” and every time he just stared at me. I don’t need a man who can beat me in a fight, but I can’t do poser. Don’t start shit you can’t end. That’s such a street kid basic I’m wondering if he that was ever even true or he was just another kid from an elite private school posing.

What the fuck did I marry?